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To ensure that your visit is an enjoyable one, more is needed then tender care. Your surroundings must be relaxing and comfortable as well. Our office achieves just that—a warm relaxing environment that will put you at ease.

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Dentistry for a Cause

We are passionate about helping others.

We’ve chosen a special way to say thank you to our community and organizations our staff and patients hold near and dear to their hearts.

Every year on the first weekend in June we will be holding an annual Dentistry for a Cause Day.  On this weekend the staff at our clinics will be volunteering their time and donating their billings to charitable organizations.

Meet Our Team

Our staff at City Square Dental Center will always treat you with warmth and respect.

We each take continuing education courses every year to keep up with the latest developments in the dental profession. This is part of our commitment to making sure you get the best care we are capable of delivering.


Our Patient Reviews

“I have had negative experiences at my previous dental clinic, which is why I switched to this one. The clerk, hygienist, dentist were all super attentive, friendly, and caring. They give expert advice without being pushy. Examinations are thorough and they are great at patiently explaining things to me. Five stars without hesitation.”

Toby Lam

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City Square Dental Center follows
BCDA Fees on all services

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