Cosmetic Dentistry

With porcelain veneers, you can finally get the beautiful smile that you’ve always dreamed of having.

Blame it on nature’s mistake or the nasty fall you had as a child, whatever the reason may be, the time could come when you need a smile repair.

Porcelain veneers are one of the most popular forms of cosmetic dentistry that accomplish this today. A veneer is a thin piece of porcelain that is bonded to the front of your tooth. Once in place, they effectively mask tooth discoloration, misaligned uneven teeth, chipped teeth and teeth that have spaces between them.

The procedure for Porcelain Veneers is Simple and Painless

  • Your dentist will first determine if any anesthetic is needed to numb the area to ensure your comfort.
  • Then a very thin amount of the tooth’s enamel will be removed — the approximate thickness of the veneer.
  • A mold, or model impression is then taken of your tooth and sent to a laboratory.
  • The laboratory carefully creates the veneers from porcelain to fit your teeth. This process takes about two weeks.
  • When the veneers are ready, you will come back to the dentist for a second visit and fitting.
  • To facilitate the bonding process the tooth that is receiving the veneer will be cleaned and etched.
  • Resin cement is applied to the veneer then the veneer is firmly set in place on your tooth.
  • Once in position, any excess resin will be removed, your bite will be evaluated and final adjustments made. That’s it! You now have a brand new looking tooth.

As you can see, the process of getting porcelain veneers is straightforward and easy to perform. If you are ready for a smile makeover please give us a call. We are standing by to answer any questions and concerns you may have.

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