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Oral Exams

This initial exam allows your dentist to create a customized treatment plan. It will serve as a guide for you and your dental team going forward. Our goal is to give you your healthiest, happiest mouth!

While the services you’ll receive may vary, here’s what you can expect at your first dental checkup:

  •  A review of your medical history. Tell your dentist about your diet or medications as these may impact your treatment and oral health.
  •  A conversation with your dentist about any concerns you have regarding your teeth, mouth, or overall oral health—we encourage you to ask questions.
  •  An oral exam, including a visual gum tissue check and visual oral cancer scan.
  •  X-rays, if necessary, to see your teeth below the gum line.
  •  A comprehensive treatment plan, with recommended treatment and ongoing care from your dentist.

Your dentist will tailor your comprehensive treatment plan, including your hygiene appointments, based on your initial exam. Treatment could begin as soon as the day following your initial exam. For more information about on-going care, see our hygienists.

The low-risk, low-cost way to evaluate your oral health.

Initial exam and x-rays are free or at a very low cost for patients without insurance. Some limitations apply.

If you would like a second opinion, you can also obtain a copy of your exam results and x-rays at no charge.

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